Takeout Booking System

From your kitchen to their home with takeout

Give guests a simple way to bring your restaurant home. We will set a page for you where customers can have an overview of your menu so they can order online either for bulk takeout or food donation.
Example page for Our Takeout System, click here

How it works?

Step 1: Register your Restaurant for Free
Fill in the registration form completely including information about your restaurant, address, contact, menu, prices, other services, etc. A clear high resolution of the menu is very important. This platform is only for bulk takeout, or off-site catering. Example: not for orders below $50. Please note, impersonating another establishment that is not yours and providing false information is illegal. 

Step 2: Online Page Created
Once we confirmed and have all the information needed, we will then create an online page of your restaurant where customers can visit and browse through your menus and services. You can also then share this page on your social media platforms as well.

Step 3: Welcoming your Customers
When a customer orders on your page, you will then receive an email and whatsapp notification with all the information you need such as name, number, email, date, details, etc. At this point, it is your responsibility to contact them back and make the final confirmation, including collecting payments, and fulfilling their order. Note: if you chose 'Donation Services', it is your responsibility to ensure that their order goes to the Charity of their choice. Once you get paid by the customer, Eventfull BN receives 15% commission. So, we only get paid when you get paid.

Note: Currently we are running a 'Help the Community Campaign', so no fees, commissions, and payments will be charged until further notice. Once services returns back to normal, you will be informed and you can choose whether to continue or not with our services. No fees will be charged for discontinuing. 

It's that simple

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Benefits for Registering with EventFull BN:

1) We have developed an online booking system with our IT partners which is convenient for your customers and for you, the restaurant owner. 

2) The booking system includes a booking calendar so they can choose a certain date and time to make their order. To avoid last minute orders, there will be atleast two days cut-off.

3) Our booking system has also an online form which makes it easier for you to get more information from your guests such as pickup or delivery, self-takeout or for donation, catering style or individual packing, etc .

4) After they have made an order, you will receive an email and whatsapp notification so you can contact them back for final confirmation. note: Email notifications are instant because it is automated, Whatsapp notifications are done manually, so it will be sent during working hours. 

5) You and your customers will receive a day before notification email from the date of the takeout as a reminder.

6) Having an online booking page will make it easier for you to share it with your guests via Whatsapp, emails, and social medias.

7) We will do our own marketing and advertising throughout our website, press, and social media platforms, including groups, for you to gain more traffic, meaning more exposure, leads, bookings, and profits for you. 

8) There is also a review section at the bottom of the page, so your customers can leave their positive feedbacks to improve your credibility.

10) Registration is FREE

Create your listing today: (Registration)

Common questions

Who can register for EventFull BN Online Ticket System?

Any food services that are held in Brunei can register including restaurants, cafes, bakery, etc. It can only be registered by the establishments' representative only. If you are not their representative, you cannot register on their behalf. (It’s free to register at Eventfull BN and every order is supported by our team.)

How do I get paid?

Eventfull BN does not receive any payments on our platform. It is your responsibility to collect payments from your customers. This can be either from cash on deliver or bank ins. We are not responsible for your interaction and coordination of payment with the guests at this point. 

Does Eventfull BN provide insurance?

No, we do not provide insurance because we do not receive any payment from the customers on our platform. It is your responsibility as the representative to get payments from the customers.

How do Eventfull BN make money?

We receive 15% commission from the bill when you get paid. After order has been completed, we will contact you regarding the payment and send an invoice. You can either pay via cash or bank in.

How can you trust us to honor our side of the deal?

By registering with Eventfull BN, you agree and understood all the information stated regarding Eventfull BN's services, policy, payments,etc at Terms of Services, that your establishment is legally obligated to honor that contract.

Do you provide graphic design, photography, article writing, marketing content, advertising content, etc, services?

No. We do not provide such services. All content you would like us to post on our website, and social media platform, needs to be provided by you including articles, photos, videos, advertisements, etc

What do we need to do on our side after we have registered for Eventfull BN Takeout System?

Once your Eventfull BN Takeout Page has been created, all you need to do is share it via social medias, whatsapp, and emails. We will also do our part in sharing it on our platforms, including paid advertisement. You will receive email and whatsapp notifications when they make an order. You can also request a monthly Excel report.

Why should we register our restaurant on Eventfull BN platform when customers can directly order from us?

Other than the extra marketing benefits you will receive, Eventfull BN is here to help make things easier for your customers to order bulk takeout or off-site catering, especially during these hard times of Covid-19 regulations. This also includes other information wether they're ordering for themselves, or for donation, catering tray style or individual takeouts, etc. It will be easier for not only them but also you in understanding their needs and providing them with optimal service. 

Why Eventfull BN does not do online payments?

We want to give the clients the freedom in selling and negotiating prices with the customers for either discounts, offers, promotions, upsell, etc. We also understand that any financial transactions are very crutial for all parties. So, to ensure privacy and security, any transactions should only be done between the client and customer.

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(note: please make sure your takeout/delivery services complies with Brunei Covid-19 Protocol

Eventfull BN is a registered establishment [here] based in Kuala Belait, Brunei.