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These information only acts as an overview for the guests. You can contact the customers to learn about their needs and explain in depth regarding your venues services. Refer to below this page (here) for more information about the form



- Space Representative Information
This will be the primary information that is going to be used for customers to contact you regarding their bookings. Eventfull BN representative will also use this information to inquire about venue, bookings, invoices, etc

- Other Representative
If you have more than one representative, include their full name, contact number, and email. If you have more than one contact number, and email, you can post it here too.

- Venue Spaces
If you have more than one space area. Example: Big Hall, Small Hall, Outdoor Area, etc

- Location of Venue
Choose the location of your venue between the four Brunei districts:
1) Brunei/Muara: Berakas, Burong Pingai Ayer, Gadong, Kianggeh, Kilanas, Kota Batu, Lumapas, Mentiri, Pangkalan Batu, Peramu, Saba, Sengkurong, Serasa, Sungai Kebun, Sungai Kedayan, and Tamoi
2) Tutong: Keriam, Kiudang, Lamunin, Pekan Tutong, Rambai, Tanjong Maya, Telisai, and Ukong
3) Belait: Bukit Sawat, Kuala Balai, Labi, Liang, Melilas, Seria, and Sukang
4) TemburongAmo, Bangar, Batu Apoi, Bukok, and Labu

(If you have multiple venue spaces from different districts. Each District venue spaces needs to be registered separately) 

- Starting at Price
This is your minimal starting price. This information will be shown on our Home page and under your venue title. We understand you would like to add more options but this is just to give the guests an overview estimation of the price. Adding too many prices will overwhelm them. It is best to discuss regarding other prices once you've met with the client.

- Address (Space)
If the address of the space is the same as the company's address, leave this blank

- About the Venue
Explain a summary of what your venue is all about to attract guests.

- Type of Space
Type of spaces: hall, office, restaurant, hotel, room, outdoors, stage, auditorium, etc

- Type of Events
What type of events do you allow on your venue? Weddings, birthdays, meetings, gatherings, etc

- Food Certified
Halal CertificationHalal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for the followers of Islam and no haram product or procedure is used while its manufacturing or processing.

- Size
The size of the area in sq. feet

- Floor
At what floor is it? ground, basement, 1st floor, 3rd floor, rooftop, etc

- Number of Rooms
How many rooms/area are there?

- Number of Washrooms
Including toilets and showers

- Max Capacity
Maximum number of people that could fit in that room

- Availability
The date and time it's available (example: Mon - Sun = 7:00 AM - 10:00 PM, Open 24 / 7, etc)

- Amenities
a desirable or useful feature or facility of a building or place. Example: Air Conditioning, Private Entrance, Tableware, Bathrooms, Heat, Conference Phone, Large table, Whiteboard, Sound System, Wifi, Projector and Screen / TV, Free Parking, etc

- Accessibility
the "ability to access" and benefit from some system or entity. Example: Delivery access, Elevator, Freight elevator, Stairs, Wheelchair access, Handicap parking, etc

- Space Rules
Policy and Restrictions. Example: No alcohol, No outside catering/food, No smoking, No kids, etc

- Services
Other Services your venue might provide. Example: Catering, Event manager, Furniture rental, Security crew, Cleaners, DJ, Emcee, Sound System rental, Music instruments rental, Band hire, Transportation, Parking, etc

- How many bookings allowed per day?
Amount of events you can handle in a day

- Max Hours Per Day
Maximum amount of hours each event can be held

- Cut-Off Time
To prevent last minute events. For example: you can prevent same day booking (set 1 day) or prevent events less than 6 hours away.

- Extra Information
Other additional information you want to add for your venue page. Keep in mind, your venue page is meant to be a simple overview of your venue. Adding too many information will turn your client off.

- Agreement Tick Box
That you fully understand everything and agree upon the terms of Eventfull BN. This acts as a contract.

- I am not a Robot
To ensure us no spams comes our way

Please note that impersonating another establishment that is not yours and providing false information is illegal.