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How it works?

Step 1: List your space for free
Set your price, add photos and details, then your listing is ready to be seen by thousands of people searching for a space. We do not receive payment from the guests on our platform.

Step 2: Welcome guests to your space
Message with guests, set up a meeting and confirm venue bookings for your customers events.

Step 3: Make their event come true and get paid.
Once the event is completed, you get paid, Eventfull BN will receive a 15% commission (this includes out or in-house caterings, amenities and extra services provided). So, we only get paid, when you get paid. (note: we do not collect commissions from bookings that are made outside our platform and directly to you)

It's that simple

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Benefits for Registering with EventFull BN:

1) We have developed an online booking system with our IT partners which is convenient for not only the customers but also for the venue representative. 

2) The booking system includes a booking calendar so they will know if certain date and time is available for them to book for their event.

3) Our booking system also has an online form which makes it easier for you to understand your customers needs so you can provide the most optimal service.

4) After they've made a booking reservation, you will not only be sent an email notification regarding it but also through Whatsapp text to ensure you won't miss a business opportunity. 

5) You will receive a day before notification email for your event via email as a reminder

6) Eventfull BN will connect you to new potential leads in Brunei. Our guests are your customers.

7) We will do the online marketing for you. Do let us know if you want to post an articles, advertisements, promotions, etc on our website and social media platforms.

8) We will do our own advertising throughout our website, press, and social media platforms to gain more traffic, meaning more exposure, leads, bookings, and profits for you.

9) Your venue will be reviewed by satisfied customers which will increase your credibility and trust towards future potential customers.

10) Any updates on your venue (including promotions, announcements, contests, etc) will be in our weekly Newsletter

11) We do the work for you. Did we mention, that it's all FREE?  

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Common questions

Who can be listed on EventFull BN?

Only spaces located in Brunei (Bandar/Muara, Tutong, Belait, Temburong) be listed. All types of spaces do well on EventFull BN – halls, home areas, studios, restaurants, hotels, offices spaces for meetings, events, weddings, birthdays, gatherings, etc. (It’s free to list on Eventfull BN and every booking is supported by our team.)

How do I get paid?

Eventfull BN does not receive any payments on our platform. Once you receive notification regarding a booking, it's your responsibility to contact the customer, complete their booking, and get payments from them. We are not responsible with your interaction and coordination with the guests at this point. 

Does Eventfull BN provide insurance?

No, we do not provide insurance because we do not receive any payment from the customers on our platform. It's your responsibility as the venue host to get payment from the customer for a completed booking.

How do Eventfull BN make money?

We collect a 15% commission (including inside catering, services, or amenities rentals) from a completed booking, so we only make money when you do. It’s free to list your space. We do not collect payments for bookings outside our platform (including outside catering, services, or amenities rentals). After a completed venue booking, we will contact your representative regarding the payment and send an invoice. 

How can you trust us to honor our side of the deal?

By registering with Eventfull BN listing, you agree and understood all the information stated regarding Eventfull BN's services, policy, payments,etc at Terms of Services, that your establishment is legally obligated to honor that contract.

Do you provide graphic design, photography, article writing, marketing content, advertising content, etc, services?

No. We do not provide such services. All content you would like us to post on our website, and social media platform, needs to be provided by you including articles, photos, videos, advertisements, etc

What do we need to do on our side after we have listed on Eventfull BN?

When you do get a booking notification in your email, all you have to do is contact the customer for confirmation and start creating their event. Let us know if you have a venue booking outside of Eventfull BN platform so we can blackout the date on our booking calendar system. If a customer cancels their booking, please let us know so we can free the schedule in our booking calendar system.

Why should we register our venue on Eventfull BN platform when customers can directly book to us?

When Eventfull BN started, it's main aim is to make it convenient for customers by providing them detailed information and an easy booking system in one place, so they can make the best decision for their next event and with that information, you as the venue owner can provide your customers with exactly what they need and make them happy, which improves the reputation of your establishment in the long run. Through Eventfull BNs' marketing campaigns, we attract traffic to our platform which leads to creating more exposure and more potential customers for you with no upfront cost. 

What if Customer books us but they actually just want Catering Service to go, or order bulk takeaways?

For restaurants, if a customer does not book your venue space but orders catering or bulk takeout instead, that is still considered as an Eventfull BN booking because they used our platform to do so. This also applies for your catering services on their own venue space.

What if we're a property owner and the customers wants to rent or buy our property instead? 

If a customer contact a property owner for long term rental or buy their property such as a house, apartment, building area, shopping lot, etc, through our platform, it is still considered a booking but falls under rent and property sale payment instead meaning we get commission from the monthly rentals or from the one-time payment of the sale. 

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(note: please make sure your event complies with Brunei Covid-19 Gathering Protocol

Eventfull BN is a registered establishment [here] based in Kuala Belait, Brunei.