Eventfull BN Takeout System Registration

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Allows guests to order food online for bulk takeout or delivery from your restaurant


Refer to the glossary below this page for more information about the form



- Business Information
This will be the primary information that is going to be used for customers to contact you regarding their order; name, email, contacts, etc. Eventfull BN representative will also use this information to inquire about more about your establishments, invoices, etc

- Other Names and Contact Information
If you have more than one representative, include their full name, contact number, and email. If you have more than one contact number, and email, you can post it here too.

- Business Name
The name of your establishment. Note: If you have different branches, register a new form for each of them because each will eventually have different information (address, services, photos, etc) for their own page   
- About the Business (Summary)
This information will be on the front page of your page on Eventfull BN. Tell a story and details on what the business is all about. 

The location of your business. If you have multiple branches, please create a new form for each one because this address will be added to the Google Map on that page.

- Availability
The days and time customers are able to get their takeout order. If delivery orders has different schedule, please state it as well.

- Cuisine Type
The type of food you serve, example: Japanese, Italian, Chinese, or Indian Food etc

- Certified
Halal Certification: Halal certification states that the food or the products are permissible for the followers of Islam and no haram product or procedure is used while its manufacturing or processing.

- Services
Type of services you provide:
1) Takeout (Individual Packages): Ideally for giveaway, or donation, where each food or beverages portion will be packed either ala-carte or as a set meal style.
2) Catering (Tray Style): For those who are ordering takeaway for catering or private event style. Price per pax = price per head (example: $10 per pax). Minimum pax = minimum number of heads for the order (example: 30 orders). So the total price according to Per Pax + Minimum Pax example will be $300.
3) Delivery: If your establishment provides delivery services or if you are able to arrange a third party delivery service for them such as a runner.
4) Donation (For Charity): If you are open for orders and delivery for charity. You can state which Charity Donation your Establishment Supports, example: hospitals, mosques, orphanage, etc. You can have multiple. If you choose to deliver to the chosen charity, responsibility of that order fall upon your establishment.

- Minimum Order $
Minimum amount that the customer needs to spend to make an order.

- Other Prices
If there are other prices, if applied, such as specific catering prices, combo prices, promotional prices, etc   

- Maximum Order Per Day
Number of order slots your establishment can handle per day. Don't forget that this platform is meant for bulk orders only. If you received a huge order for a certain day and it's all you can handle, let us know via Whatsapp or Contact Us, and we will blackout orders for that day on our booking calendar for you.

Upload Menu Images
Please upload high-res clear jpeg images of your menu. These will be shown on your page for your customers to browse through and order. Maximum 20 images. You can also sent the images to admin@eventfullbn.com.

Upload Food and Beverages Images
Provide high-res clear jpeg images of your cuisine or drinks. You can also upload promotional posters that highlights your food and beverages. Maximum 5 photos.

Upload Restaurant/Staff Photos
Provide high-res clear jpeg images of your establishment or staff. Maximum 5 photos.

- Videos
Either upload a video (max 10MB), or send us a link to a video you have uploaded online. note: please make sure the video is shareable to the public (not private).

- Extra Information
Any additional information you would like to provide to our customers.

- Agreement Tick Box
That you fully understand everything and agree upon the terms of Eventfull BN. This acts as a contract.

- I am not a Robot
To ensure us no spams comes our way

You are responsible for orders and other services (delivery and donations) you provide, as well as collecting payments from the customer.

Please note that impersonating another establishment that is not yours and providing false information is illegal.