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Refer to the glossary below this page for more information about the form



- Space Representative Information
This will be the primary information that is going to be used for customers to contact you regarding their bookings; name, email, contacts, etc. Eventfull BN representative will also use this information to inquire about venue, tickets, invoices, etc

- Other Names and Contact Information
If you have more than one representative, include their full name, contact number, and email. If you have more than one contact number, and email, you can post it here too.

- Information about Your Event
This include the name of your event, Date start/end, Time start/end, Address. 
- About the Event (Summary)
This information will be on the front page of your event ticket page. Tell the story and details on what the event is all about. 

- Venue Space Name
This the name of the space you're having your event in; hall, stage area, room number, etc

- Type of Event
What category does the event fall into, eg: sports, competition, gathering, private meeting, workshop, wedding, birthday, etc. (note: Private events will not be advertised on our platform. You will receive the link to the ticket booking page where you can then share it to your private guests)

- Type of Space
Type of spaces: hall, office, restaurant, hotel, room, outdoors, stage, auditorium, etc

- Location of Venue
Choose the location of your event between the four Brunei districts:
1) Brunei/Muara: Berakas, Burong Pingai Ayer, Gadong, Kianggeh, Kilanas, Kota Batu, Lumapas, Mentiri, Pangkalan Batu, Peramu, Saba, Sengkurong, Serasa, Sungai Kebun, Sungai Kedayan, and Tamoi
2) Tutong: Keriam, Kiudang, Lamunin, Pekan Tutong, Rambai, Tanjong Maya, Telisai, and Ukong
3) Belait: Bukit Sawat, Kuala Balai, Labi, Liang, Melilas, Seria, and Sukang
4) TemburongAmo, Bangar, Batu Apoi, Bukok, and Labu

(If you have multiple event from different districts. Each event needs to be registered separately) 

Contact Info for Customers
In case the contact information for guests to contact you for any inquiries is different from the main contact information.

- Ticket Prices
The price you charge each customer that attends the event. If there are multiple prices, please state them. If it is free, state it too. Please note: regardless wether the tickets are paid or free, Eventfull BN gets $1 from each booking. Eventfull BN does not collect payments from the customers. It is your responsibility to collect their payments at the event. 

- Extra Information you Require from your Customers
This includes various possible questions like information of guests, membership number, do they require handicap assistance, which menu they want: Meal A or Meal B?, etc

- Upload Image
Please upload atleast 3 images (max 3) about the event, this can include graphic posters, venue, staff, past events, special guests, etc

- Video Upload (optional)
If you have promotional videos, please upload max 2. Only 3MB size are allowed. Note: If the video is more than 1 minute, it will be separated by sections.

- Youtube Link for Video (optional)
Past the url of the promotional video here if you have uploaded it on Youtube or Vimeo

- Extra Information
Any other information you require to be included in the event page
- Agreement Tick Box
That you fully understand everything and agree upon the terms of Eventfull BN. This acts as a contract.

- I am not a Robot
To ensure us no spams comes our way

You are responsible for any licenses, permissions, or permits that are required to hold the event.

Please note that impersonating another establishment that is not yours and providing false information is illegal.