Event Ticketing System

Smart, Flexible, and Powerful Event Registration System

Let's say you have an event either it's a theatre show, sports, camp, concert, etc. It's time to sell those tickets. We understand how you can get lost in keeping in track of your guests, the amount of tickets you need to print out (not environmental friendly), then you have to type all that report, etc. No sweat, that's where we come in.

All you need to do is give us the information of your event; venue, date, time, capacity, price, etc. We will create an online ticket booking page where visitors can book a ticket for your event. They will provide you with all information you require; name, contact, slots, etc. You and your customers will receive an email notification of their booking. We know what you're thinking, that's alot of emails to keep track, well, no worries because we will provide you with the spreadsheet report, so you can have an overview of the bookings and easily create the guest list of your customers when they arrive. They will then just attend your event, show their email booking for proof, and then pay for it. It's that simple. We told you we make things easier for everyone.

Example page for Ticketing System, click here

How it works?

Step 1: List your event for free
Set your price, add photos and details, then your event booking page is ready to be shared, seen, and booked by your guests. We will also share your event page on our social media platforms and paid advertisements.
(note: Advertisement does not apply for private events. We do not receive payment from your guests on our platform.)

Step 2: Notifications and Report
You will receive an email notification when someone makes a booking. We will also provide an Excel report of all the customers who have booked your event on a weekly bases, or by request. Your customers will receive an automated one day reminder via email of your event. At the end of their check out of the online booking, your guests can add an event reminder alarm on their digital calendar via PC or Mobile.

Step 3: Welcoming your Customers
During the event, using the report we provided, you can create a guest list. Your customers then show either their email receipt or identification. You collect their payments at the door. (note: If there is any other mode of payment system you would like to do, let us know on the registration form or email us) Eventfull BN will only get $1 commission on each ticket sold. We only collect the payments after the event. 

(note: Since the country is currently under lockdown due to Covid-19 precautions, at the moment, only virtual events (Zoom, Skype, Youtube Live, etc) are allowed until further notice)

It's that simple

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Benefits for Registering with EventFull BN:

1) We have developed an online booking system with our IT partners which is convenient for your customers and for you, the event manager. 

2) The booking system includes a booking calendar so they will know if certain date and time is available for them to book for the event. They will also

3) Our booking system has also an online form which makes it easier for you to get more information from your guests such as allergies, handicap assistance, or VIP seats or parking space.

4) After they have made a ticket booking reservation, you will receive an email notification. We understand the headache in keeping track of your customers, so that is why we will also provide you with an overall guest report via Excel file, once a week, or upon request. 

5) You and your customers will receive a day before notification email for your event via email as a reminder

6) Having an online booking page will make it easier for you to share it with your guests via Whatsapp, emails, and social medias.

7) Having a digital booking system will be environmental friendly

8) We will do our own marketing and advertising throughout our website, press, and social media platforms to gain more traffic, meaning more exposure, leads, bookings, and profits for you. Paid advertisements does not apply to Private events.

9) Any enquiries your guests might have can be brought forward on your event page under the review section.

10) Registration is FREE

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Common questions

Who can register for EventFull BN Online Ticket System?

Only events that are held in Brunei can register. It can only be registered by an event representative. It is open to all types of paid or free events. Example of paid events are workshops, fitness class, concerts, etc, examples of free events are weddings, birthdays, corporate meetings, etc. (It’s free to register for Eventfull BN online booking system and every booking is supported by our team.)

How do I get paid?

Eventfull BN does not receive any payments on our platform. It is your responsibility to collect payments from your guests. This can be either from collecting at the event entry or bank ins. We are not responsible with your interaction and coordination of payment with the guests at this point. 

Does Eventfull BN provide insurance?

No, we do not provide insurance because we do not receive any payment from the customers on our platform. It is your responsibility as the event representative to get payments from the customers.

How do Eventfull BN make money?

We receive $1 from each ticket booked. After a completed event, we will contact you regarding the payment and send an invoice. You can either pay via cash or bank in.

How can you trust us to honor our side of the deal?

By registering with Eventfull BN listing, you agree and understood all the information stated regarding Eventfull BN's services, policy, payments,etc at Terms of Services, that your establishment is legally obligated to honor that contract.

Do you provide graphic design, photography, article writing, marketing content, advertising content, etc, services?

No. We do not provide such services. All content you would like us to post on our website, and social media platform, needs to be provided by you including articles, photos, videos, advertisements, etc

What do we need to do on our side after we have registered for Eventfull BN Online Ticket System?

Once your event booking page has been created, all you need to do is share it via social medias, whatsapp, and emails. We will also do our part in sharing it on our platforms, including paid advertisement. (note: We do not do promotions for private events). You will receive email notifications and an Excel report of your guests.

Why should we register our event on Eventfull BN ticketing platform when customers can directly book to us?

We understand the difficulties in keeping track of your customers. This is why we make thing easier for you because we will be the one doing it instead and provide you with an Excel report of all your guests. Plus, having an online ticketing/invitation system is not only easier to share but it is environmental friendly as well. 

Will my customers receive an actual physical ticket?

Your customers will not receive an actual physical ticket, instead they will get an online receipt via email that they can present as proof of their booking. Since you too will have their booking information via our report, you can also check their identification at your event for confirmation.    

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(note: please make sure your event complies with Brunei Covid-19 Gathering Protocol

Eventfull BN is a registered establishment [here] based in Kuala Belait, Brunei.