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Have you ever decided to have an event whether it’s a wedding, birthday, family gathering, etc, and you either do not know where to hold it, or you go for the first venue that comes to your mind, only to find out that the venue is either not available at a certain date, or not suitable for the event you want to hold it? Eventually you end up wasting more time and effort scouting for other venues, or settle with a venue that you are not totally satisfied with.

EventFull BN is the one stop overview online Booking system where customers can book a space (hotels, stage, hall, etc) for their events (weddings, birthdays, business meetings, etc) in Brunei. They can choose based on district (Bandar, Tutong, Belait, and Temburong), and it will give an overview of all venues including detailed information (price, size, equipment, etc). Once you’ve chosen a venue, set the date, and book; that information will be forwarded to that venue representative which will contact the customer (within 1- 3 working days) for further confirmation. (note: your contacts and meeting with the venue representative of the company is classified and it is not EventFull BNs’ responsibility at that point). No payment upfront to EventFull BN is required. It’s that simple. The most convenient way to look for a venue and host the event of your dreams.

Bringing people together

We connect people with unique spaces
Eventfull BN is on a mission to bring people together to meet, create, and celebrate. Our online platform makes it easier than ever to find and book unique spaces for any activity in Brunei.

More then a Venue Booking System

Eventfull BN booking system is developed specifically for your convenience. This does not only include browsing categories, and booking a venue reservation, it is so much more.

1) Each venue has detailed information from type of spaces, size, availability, services, location, etc, so you can make the best decision and choose the most suitable venue for your event.

2) Our booking calendar shows you whether the time and date you want to hold your event is available or not for that space. This saves you a lot time compared to contacting each venue owner to check availability.

3) The online form makes it easier for you and the event owner to understand your event needs so they can provide you with the most optimal service.

4) After you've made your booking reservation, you will not only be sent an email regarding it but at the end of your receipt, you can choose to add your event to Google Calendar or iCalendar. You can also choose to print it or save as pdf.

5) You will get a one day before notification via email for your event as a reminder

6) While browsing through all the available spaces on our platform, you can add a venue to 'Your Wishlist', just in case you would like to come back and book that space.

7) Once you've completed your event, you can leave a feedback review of your experience on the venue page so that we and the venue owner can improve our services.

8) Did we mention, it's FREE?

As you can see, we at Eventfull BN understand the need of all our customers and our mission is to make it easier for everyone.


Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect wedding, birthday celebration, event hosting, or company gathering, Eventfull BN gives you the keys to your cities’ best spaces.
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List for free, get seen, meet your clients and host their event. We make it possible for your venue to connect with Brunei seeking truly memorable experiences.
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Note: After a booking has been made, Eventfull BN is not responsible for any interactions, agreements, and payments done between the customer and the venue owner at this point. For further inquiries, visit our 'Contact Us' page: here   

Other Services:

Event Ticketing Booking System


How many times have you seen an event that you are interested in joining but it tells you to text this number, call this person, send this email, or fill up this form? All these extra work ends up putting you off. This is where our online event ticketing booking system makes it easier for you.

All you have to do is browse through the current events that are listed in Eventfull BN Events, choose an event, chose the date, book and done. You will receive an email receipt of all the information about your booking including the contact information of the event organizer. You will also receive a day before reminder via email as well. Then just attend the event, show your receipt, and pay for admission at the door.

Note: We at Eventfull BN are not responsible for any payments done between customers and event organizers at this point. For further inquiries, visit our 'Contact Us' page: here   

Takeout Booking System

 Do you have a private event that needs catering or bulk takeout? Or you want to donate food to your local charities? Out takeout booking system is meant for bulk orders such as this.

Just browse through our takeout restaurants at Eventfull BN Catering/Takeout, choose a date, fill up the order form, and done. A representative from that restaurant will contact you for further confirmation and payments. Not all restaurants provide donation order services. The ones that do, you can choose from the list of the charities that they support from the form.

Note: We at Eventfull BN are not responsible for the interaction, agreement and payments between the customer and the restaurant representative at this point. For further inquiries, visit our 'Contact Us' page: here    


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