Helping Businesses during this Lockdown

A few months ago, a new wave of the Covid-19 outbreak started in Brunei but this was not like what we have experienced before. It has spread faster than ever which has increased, as of today, 1,734 cases in just a few weeks. This has negatively affected local businesses where most are forced to shut down so our country can flatten the curve on its spread. 

Everyone is trying to do their part in helping each other during these hard times. We understand what you are going through and this is why we at Eventfull BN would like to lend a helping hand by offering you two of our services: Online Bulk Takeout System and Virtual Event Ticketing System,

Online Bulk Takeout System

Online Bulk Takeout System are for customers who would like to preorder a large amount of products (mainly food but also open to groceries, supplements, merchandises, etc) for either themselves or donation. They will fill up the information you need (order, date, contacts, etc) at the checkout. You will receive an email and Whatsapp notification when someone makes a booking, so you can contact them back for confirmation. Our system mainly focuses on high capacity takeouts only. We do not provide delivery service. There are other apps for small orders and delivery such as GoMamam, Ta-Pow, HeyDomo, etc 

For more information on our Online Bulk Takeout System, visit:    

Virtual Event Ticketing System


Event Ticketing System is where guests can visit our website and go to your page to book a ticket for a virtual event, class, seminar, workshop, etc. Our system will keep track of the amount of tickets being booked. You will not only receive an email notification of those bookings but you will also receive an excel report so you can keep track. You then just need to share with your  customers the link (Zoom, Skype, Youtube Live, etc) to your scheduled virtual event. This service is suitable for concerts, seminars, workshops, personal training, classes, cooking, selling products, and many more.

For more information on our Event Ticketing System, visit:

It's All Free



No payments, commissions, or monthly fees. We at Eventfull BN just want to do our part in helping out businesses out there as we can. When we return back to our normal business services, you can either choose to continue partnering with us or not. It's up to you. No strings attached. What is more important at this time is for Brunei to do our best in flattening the curve of this outbreak in our country. So, take care, stay safe, and lets do this.

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