Eventfull BN, an online marketplace for venues and event spaces

Have you ever tried to book an event space online in Brunei? It’s hard. Finding an impressive, unique to your event venue that doesn’t feel like a plain conference room often requires personal connections or the help of a professional.

Just Googling “event spaces in Brunei” brings up a load of miserable options. And when you flip through the pages of magazines and see these beautiful spreads, or check out photos of an unbelievable party space on Instagram or a fabulous wedding setting on Facebook, you always wonder- where do people find these awesome venues?

We are living in the dawn of the sharing economy with companies like Airbnb, Agoda and even Craigslist lighting the way for other countries but not Brunei. We are also living in an economy where empty, multi-million dollar homes are sitting unsold and unwanted.

A brand new Brunei-based startup called Eventfull BN will be launching soon, which many will undoubtedly call the “Airbnb for Event Spaces.” And just like Wanderfly, Tripadvisor, Kayak and Hipmunk took out travel agencies, Eventfull BN wants to shake things up in the event-planning industry in Brunei.

On Eventfull’s marketplace, you’ll be able to book impressive venues like restaurants, art galleries, halls, hotels, and individual’s homes. These are definitely the type of unique venues that would typically require paying an event planner to book, making it a great deal for people looking to rent out their space, and saving consumers time and money finding a location.

“This would be an exciting opportunity for venue owners and realtors,” says Eventfull’s founder and CEO. “They’re like ‘Yeah, I’d love it if you could take my awesome, modern house, open my doors and throw a big gathering there.”

Sure, this laid-back, sharing with strangers attitude may frighten you. But first, think about how much more we can find out about each other today: We now have Facebook, Google+ and other social layers wrapped around our online identities, which should make the world at least a little bit less scary.

At its core, Eventfull BN is helping folks monetize their underutilized assets. And for the multi-million dollar estate owners, who’ve become house poor in the recent economic downturn, $5,000+ in your pocket is worth a Saturday sublet.

After just 3 months of building the product, Eventfull BN will start launching as soon as a good amount of venues registers on the platform. Eventfull’s booking platform comes with a clean, sharp search functionality that lets you browse by location, filter by date through the calendar and book the venue. If you use Airbnb, you’ll find Eventfull’s quite similar but the only difference is that it's free to use, including being able to read users’ ratings and reviews.


People will be able to list their own venues from Bandar to Belait by choosing the 'List your Space' menu. It's free with no upfront payments. 

Eventfull BN website service is free to use for both customers and venue owners. The only financial transactions is between Eventfull BN and the Event Owners once an event is completed. Eventfull's customer support care is available to answer questions from both venue listers and booking guests to make the event planning process more efficient.


This is just the tip of the sphere for Eventfull BN. Finding a venue is the first step, but the startup plans to grow into everything else that wraps around event planning from DJs to floral arrangements to Port a Potty rentals. If Eventfull takes off, it could be the single online destination for all of Brunei event planning needs. And that is a reason to celebrate.

So what’s it like launching a startup in Brunei? “I think it’s an amazing time to be an entrepreneur in Brunei,” says the founder. “Eventfull BN brings an added infrastructure, and there’s a hunger here again… The energy is great.” This will open new doors and opportunities for future venue owners and event planners.

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