Origin/ Building a Better Future Together

I remember it was the hot season of 2019. Me and my dad just came back from grocery shopping and he told me, "I think this Raya, I want to host a family gathering", I said, "Great, where do you want to have it?", and he answered with a lost look on his face, "I don't know". He starts bringing up random venues such as hotels, restaurants, halls, etc, that first came to his mind. A few weeks later, he brought me along to scout for areas around Kuala Belait. We spent the whole days scouting for five places, but neither one was to our liking. In the end, my dad was tired and decided to just settle with one of the venue. The day came, the gathering happened, and everyone went home after. My dad was happy but I can tell he wasn't 100% satisfied. He told me, "I wish there was an easier way to do this". I realized that this situation was highly common for all Bruneians. 



This is when the idea of Eventfull BN manifested. Based on my background experience in IT, Marketing, Graphic Design, Public Relations, Project Management, and Hospitality, I knew then that this was right in my alley. I could vision where to bring forward this platform in the next decade. So, like that scene from 'Avengers'; I gathered some of the top professionals from Canada, Vietnam, Pakistan, UK, and United States to help build Eventfull BN. Our main focus are convenience, simplicity, and benefits.

Convenience for everyone to be able to find a space in Brunei for their event that they want with ease by providing them all the information they need on one website, with user-friendly interface. Eventfull BN makes it simple as 1-2-3.  Step 1: Browse for a venue you're interested in based on an area (Brunei-Muara, Tutong, Belait, or Temburong), or the type of venue you want (Halls, Restaurants, Office Space, Hotels, etc). Step 2: Choose your venue and fill in your information. Step 3: A venue representative will contact you and make your event a reality. Creating your event has never been easier. 



Eventfull BN will present a whole different innovation for event owners in connecting them with new customers. Our main goal is to help promote their establishment and fill up their event schedule so they can gain more leads and more profit. We will assist them in their marketing needs so they can focus more on developing their establishment in providing better overall service to their customers.



In conclusion, Evenfull BN will surely be a game changer in not only how people would book a venues for their events but also business owners would benefit from the platform. We recognize the value and importance of incorporating sustainability not only into our services but also in public relation efforts. We need to look at this at a big perspective by identifying how this would influence and shape our future. Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic happened, we as a whole started to value the importance on how we could maintain sustainability in the event industry. Alot of venues that rely on these gathering has shut down on a global scale. With Eventfull BN, we in the industry continue to support, help, and collaborate with each other in pursuit of continuous improvement in performance. Together, we pursue innovative solutions to improve and address the key sustainability challenges of today’s world. Let's build a better future and save the event Industry together with Eventfull BN.

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