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How To Optimize Your Eventfull BN Listing

Are you new to Evetfull BN? Maybe your space recently opened in the hottest part of town, and you want to generate buzz about the business. Or perhaps you have listed your venue on Eventfull BN but want to take it to the next level. Either way, you made a wise decision to partner with Eventfull BN. The powerful marketplace accelerates your event business and increases your online visibility and exposure. When you list your venue on Eventfull BN, adopt this as your guiding principle: “My listing is a living, breathing reflection of my events venue.” Continue reading for a list of tips and tricks for optimizing your listing. 1. Keep your listing up-to-date with fresh photos and videos A picture is worth...

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Eventfull BN, an online marketplace for venues and event spaces

Have you ever tried to book an event space online in Brunei? It’s hard. Finding an impressive, unique to your event venue that doesn’t feel like a plain conference room often requires personal connections or the help of a professional. Just Googling “event spaces in Brunei” brings up a load of miserable options. And when you flip through the pages of magazines and see these beautiful spreads, or check out photos of an unbelievable party space on Instagram or a fabulous wedding setting on Facebook, you always wonder- where do people find these awesome venues? We are living in the dawn of the sharing economy with companies like Airbnb, Agoda and even Craigslist lighting the way for other countries but not Brunei. We are also living in an...

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Origin/ Building a Better Future Together

I remember it was the hot season of 2019. Me and my dad just came back from grocery shopping and he told me, "I think this Raya, I want to host a family gathering", I said, "Great, where do you want to have it?", and he answered with a lost look on his face, "I don't know". He starts bringing up random venues such as hotels, restaurants, halls, etc, that first came to his mind. A few weeks later, he brought me along to scout for areas around Kuala Belait. We spent the whole days scouting for five places, but neither one was to our liking. In the end, my dad was tired and decided to just settle with one of the...

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